Wednesday, 5 November 2014

regional identity work


  irritating accent which is arguably screechy and difficult to understand

    town, known for being rough in areas. chavs/gangs are located in the area

     chavier clothing normally seen in the area, e.g tracksuits, football tops- informal clothing

    partying, passionate football fans 

·    Welcoming but also stubborn and agitating.

an example of a Liverpudlian on television would be John Bishop who is a comedian.


          Also difficult to understand, have alternative words for many.

                Town consisiting of man shops and clubs

               ‘Wheyy aye mann’ instead of hello

                dressed up girls

          nightlife, well dressed and vocal football fans

                   confident people, energetic and passionate
           cheyrl cole singer and X factor judge


    mainly land, many hills and plenty of greenery

    ‘Wee' used as a alternative word to small e.g 'wee lad'
  tartan clothing, checkered cilts, carrying bagpipes
  playing the bagpipes, being patriotic and following all representing sport teams

    aggressive, very patriotic
   Andy murray- tennis player


           farmers sort of accent, relatively strong sounding

                  countryside with many hills, pubs easy to find.

                   lazy with speaking, often cut there words of short e.g ' going 't' football

                   scruffy looking, humerous

                    drinking, being lairy, going on walks

                     Friendly, joking


                              stereotypically dumb, brummie accent which comes across kind of dopey and creates the dump persona. Quite unliked within other citys. Highrise buildings, huge city. Home to some large arenas/venues
                    tracksuits, hoodies, air max

                           clubs, huge shopping facilitys

·                           Aggressive, confrontational, rough

emma willis who is the current big brother tv presenter and has hosted other programs


strongly pronounce words, seem relatively intelligent. Know for there farming of particularly sheep.

·        Countryside, many farms, hilly

·        ‘Jolch’ means thank-you

·        normally dressed, quite smart, farmer gear

·        going on walks, falming, fishing, playing rugby.
          friendly, enjoy a laugh, light hearted

 Rob brydon is an example of a welsh person in the media who is many programs e.g gavin and stacey


·        strong accent, known for speaking quickly and unclearly. stereotype of Ireland being the home of pikeys (travellers)

·        busy cities, multiple pubs, welcome tourism, a lot of the poorer people owning caravans.

·        ''tree' instead of '3'etc

·        normally dressed, where a fair bit of patriotic green.
·       known for there very heavy drinking and their love for guiness and murphys

·        confrontational, patriotic, jolly


well spoken, polite, organised

·        huge city, lots of ships, busy nightlife

·        general English slang e.g 'innit'

·        well dressed, smart, designer clothing

·        visiting the theatre, going shopping, visiting resteraunts.

·        Rushing everywhere, busy, approachable

An example would be Gary linekar who hosts match of the day. (smart, well spoken)

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