Monday, 10 November 2014

Inbetweeners frisby clip

Why is the clip funny?
This clip is funny due to the sheer awkwardness of when the Frisbee hits the disabled women. This is because usually in general society disabled people are more respected and people make an extra effort to be kind to them, so in this clip when  the women is hit by the Frisbee, its just the pure unluckiness that makes it funny to the audience.
How is the disabled girl being represented?

She is being represented as an innocent victim caught up in Will McKenzie's efforts to involve some girls in his game. She is represented as harmless as by doing this it makes Will look a lot worse for his actions. The effectiveness of representing the disabled person as an innocent victim in this scene really amplifies how we are supposed to feel for her and how bad Will's actions are seen as.
Are we meant to laugh at the disabled person?
I don't think we are meant to laugh at the disabled person, I think we are supposed to laugh at the scenario and at Will's character. If the audience have watched episodes before they would know that Will's character means well and is usually well-behaved, the socially awkward situations he creates is what his medic character is all about.
Are they the 'butt' of the joke?
Yeah they are  as its the situation they have created with their actions that has caused the awkwardness and just how the characters react is funny. Also when Will tries to get his Frisbee back then gets chased shows the true nature of his character, means well but always gets caught on the wrong side of the line.
How do you think disabled people respond to this?
I don't think disabled people would be at all offended by this as the joke is on Will not the disabled lady, she only plays a part in the scene to make Will look worse and to amplify the awkwardness of the situation. Also the disabled lady is treated with respect as the other teenagers playing football on the field think Will is stealing her Frisbee so they try and help her out.
Are we as a society cultivated to think we should pity the disabled?
I don't think we are cultivated to pity the disabled but as a society there is a duty to look out for the disabled and to take extra care when dealing with situations involving them. This is demonstrated in the clip when the teens playing football try and help the lady out, this also shows the lady's vulnerability.

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