Monday, 10 November 2014

How ethnicity is represented in spooks

In this clip, the representation of ethinicty is constructed in different ways. The main character of this clip, Danny, is a black MI5 agent who's been captured by a terrorist along with a white woman. In terms of stereotypes its unusual for a black man to have such a high and powerful job as they are usually seen lower in society, however, all the other characters are white, and appear to have higher jobs than Danny. All the white characters are safe, apart from the kidnapped woman who has blood on her face, which can show how black people are 'victimised' by the media. The terrorist appears to be an Arab, which also fits with the stereotype set by the media as people know that some Arabic people's religion leads them to believe by doing these sort of things, they will go to heaven and live in paradise . To backup this idea of the terrorist being Arab, the music played in the background sounds like the Call to Prayer (Mvezzin).The whale song is also played until the very end of this short clip, this holds emotion between all the characters as there are short shots showing each persons' reaction. This music also makes it seem more like that Danny pray's before speaking to the terrorist, as well as during, showing him to be a religious man.Danny is presented as being very wise and insightful; his dialogue says as much, as he speaks down to the terrorist and of how he could have been in the same spot as him if he had been born somewhere different, which again links in with cultural and ethnic identity. Aswell as this the use of a lot of close-ups really allows the audience to have sympathy for the two hostages, Fiona and Danny. We are drawn into the action and feel closer to them, making the scene more intense. The camera movement also makes us more emotionally involved as we feel as though we are there, experiencing this with them.

In my opinion, the mise en scene foreshadows Danny's death in this scene. The scene is extremely dark, representing the death, but then there is some light showing through in a 'heavenly' manner. Also all the characters are dressed smartly, like people do when going to a funeral. And at the start of the clip, the music sounds like drums being hit, like when someone is about to be executed. The scene uses a lot of close up shots, which maintains the tension, keeping the heartbeat of the audience up and keeping them on the edge of they're seat.

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