Thursday, 2 October 2014

The male gaze.


In the video "work" by australian rapper Iggy Azalea she flaunts her body in order entertain and grab attention of both male and female viewers. Iggy uses her body often in music videos (particularly her bum) as away of being successful as her body is a major selling point which she has exploited. This video could be seen as derogotory towards women as it continues to encourage the male view of women with looks like herselfs being purely sex objects. Something that many women stand for. During the video Azalea discusses how she moved to america as a 16 year old desperate to make it big and that she would earn money anyway she can.

 At one stage in the video she even cotinues to give a male a sexualised lap dance allowing the audience to come up with there own impressions. As you can imagine these acts could be distracting for particulary male viewers meaning the song itself isnt the main attratction. This particular scene could conform to the male gaze.


Throughout the music video Iggy is also wearing a very revealing and sexually inspired top. The top is see through with only some sort of tassels covering her nipples. This leaves the imagination open for viewers with the singer barely having her breasts covered at all. Accompanied by all the provocative imagery we see in the video

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