Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My representation

My representation
I believe my personality, interests and clothing choices would lead me to fall to under the categories of both new casual and skater. The reason I would class myself as a new casual would be the fact iam a passionate football fan who travels round the country to watch Leicester city matches, now days there is a certain way us football fans dress which is commonly assosciated as being a ‘casual’. Such brands include lacoste, ralph lauren, pretty green, weekend offender, stone island and levis which must always be accompanied by a pair of adidas trainers.
 However these are only the sort of brands I would where at the weekend, clothing I wear for example to school would probably fall under the category of ‘skater’. This consists of brands such as supreme, BAPE, stussy and carhartt etc.
An example of someones dress sense who I admire would be former oasis  singer Liam Gallagher. Liam himself would fall under the casual category and has his own line of clothing ‘pretty green’ which I particulary like.

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