Monday, 22 September 2014

Tony representation
Tony is represented as a confident teenager who takes control of situations whilst having a rebellious edge. He could be considered to be a stereotype of his social group. From the opening scene of tony in his bedroom we can determine he also has an intelligent side to him from his historical Italian film taste, something unusual for a boy of his age. However we a swiftly  reminded of his sexualised young nature from his gazing look at the changing milf through the window on the opposite side of the road.

Are immediate impression of Tony is a stereotypical one due to it appearing he has a common teenage room including a stereo system, clothes, posters etc, but when we think deeper about what we have been shown we can determine some unusual things in his presentation. When tony wakes up he is notably lieing directly in the centre of his bed with his bedsheets looking strangely untouched, this could indicate tony potentially has OCD and is relatively obsessive. This review would also fit In with my own personal opinion of tony seeming a controlling character. Vintage italian film posters are also strangely hung up in the background which portrays Tony as an intelligent character as someone of his age would not normally be watching films like that as they arent typically aimed at his age category. Furthermore another thing we notice is that his clothes are perfectly folded in his drawer, and his jackets and jumpers are on a rail as if they are in a shop with plenty of space, none are squashed together, this matches my previous impression that the character possibly has OCD.

As we continue into the next scene Tony takes part in we are shown of his rebellious edge. This is portrayed for when he purposely plays his stereo at full volume in order to distract his father whilst his younger sister sneaks In from her nighout. Tony then shows us his passive aggressive nature by his ignorance of his dad's anger towards him by replying in a sarcastic tone. This scene also shows us that his dad has little control of his offspring and indicates to me that Tony may be the alpha male of the house.

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