Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Vibe magazine is a real favourite of mine and will be a significant influence on my final piece. The reason I like this magazine is due to the genre they cover (rap, R&B, grime) aswell as the strong contrasting colours and font they use in presenting there cover. They notably take time in there photography of there famous model also with carefully selected poses aswell as the clothing they are wearing. I particularly the first cover with Eminem on as I really like the colourways. The title 'vibe' on the featuring mag is black with a fade to a red and I think this really has clarity and sets a tone for the rest of the cover. The way they' ve modelled Eminem in the picture through a mid shot was also a great choice as the lighting and the way his tattoos are exposed the looks really good and fits in with the stereotype of how a rapper may look. The things I shall aim to carry forwards to my final piece will be the choice of fonts, colour ways and use of midshot in photography rather than close ups aswell as there attention to detail in how the models portrayed.

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